Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 Election Predictions

I thought I would resurrect this blog to put some Election Eve predictions.

Obama 53%, McCain 46%, Barr/McKinney/Nader 1%

Electoral College: Obama 353, McCain 185

Senate: Democrats pick up eight seats: Virgina, New Hampshire, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Alaska, Oregon and North Carolina. Republicans pick up none, and hold Kentucky. Georgia goes to a December run-off election as neither Chambliss or Martin breaks 50%.

California: Proposition 8, the Gay marriage ban, fails 52%-48%

Governor: Gregoire 51%, Rossi 49%

I-985: No 54% - Yes 46%

I-1000: Yes 55% - No 45%

Sound Transit Proposition 1 -No 52% - Yes 48%

WA-8: Burner 53% - Reichart 47%


1 comment:

Erik said...

frinklin, your map is identical to Karl Rove's map, except you give Obama NC and he doesn't.

Karl Frinklin? Frinklin Rove? :)