Thursday, January 3, 2008


Dateline: Dave Swidler's Basement!!

I'm blogging live in the middle of the caucus counting. No I'm not drunk, yet.

Well I'm eating crow with a delicious Mediterrean salad. Barack Hussein Obama is the projected winner of Iowa. Huckabee has won in Iowa as well.

Personally I'm backing Obama, so I'm delighted. I want Huckabee to win the GOP nomination, because it exposes the ridiculous dichotomy of the Republican base. It's amazing how the press has already written off Hillary, claiming that Super Tuesday may be her last stand.Uh, 200,000 farmers have had their voice heard.

Also, I'm gay.

Thanks, that was Dave Swidler, filling in for me as I made myself a delicious Kenyan Hawaiian style Kabob with a delicious Iraqi sauce to celebrate Obama's victory.

So the media is currently anointing Obama as the nominee. Which we all know is extremely premature. However they could be right. Every primary season we see the nominee is usually picked in the first few primaries. Why does the voting population get behind the one who wins early. Is it because they are sheep, and will blindly follow whoever looks like the early winner. Or does the media, once they've picked a favorite, make voters feel like losers for not getting behind the "obvious" front runner.

We're watching Edwards deliver his concession speech and everyone in this room hates this guy. Honestly I like how he speaks more frankly and specifically about issues than his competitors. Hillary and Barack often speak in giant sweeping generalizations "Are you ready to Change America!"

The corporate greed monster is going to bury you Edwards, thanks for trying though.

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